[reposted post]Layout 056 : Aluminum Edge & Silver Trim
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Thanks to everyone who supported my Relay for Life fundraiser! Here's a new layout; inspired by this year's kick-ass film and car releases.

i've said i'd stay but...
I'll be going home a few days. I'm leaving montreal on july 2nd. I thought i'd stay in montreal but i realized that i wouldnt be able to return home before 6 weeks so.... Change of plan!

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So, you want to add me?

Wanna add me? Do it, don't be afraid! I don't bite! (well... usually)
But please comment before adding? *puppy eyes*

Beware! This is what you're going to see in this journal:

♥ A lot of RANDOM, because lord, I LOVE RANDOM! If you can't handle pointless rambling, run away quickly before random gets you!!
♥ Part-Time Fangirling
♥ Stuff about my boring life. I study too much, go on internet too much and don't care enough about important things.
♥ Obsessive obsessions!
♥ Emotional non-sense every once in a while
♥ Other non-emotional non-sense... because lacking sense is my way of living
♥ Love, bunnies, plush toys, cupcakes and maybe a few zombies

Still want to add me?
Good! :)


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